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Why IVF in Turkey? This is the first question you set when you visit our website. And therefore we want to give this question the attention it deserves. Namely we understand very well that you could not just pick up your bags away to undergo IVF treatment. Especially when you can go to the hospital in the city, right?

And yet you can read stories from our experience that the couples who came before you, IVF in Turkey found a better choice than IVF in the Netherlands. We have our IVF couples asked why IVF in Turkey is their first choice. These reasons we have for you here put in a nutshell:

Welcome to the website of Human First. We believe our website is a good place to start your journey exploring new possibilities in the field of fertility treatments. Although it may seem like a big step to some, over the years we have assisted many couples from different countries (but mostly from the Netherlands) in their IVF journey to Turkey, where they saw medical treatments in one of the most prominent hospitals in the country, Memorial Hospital, which is located in Istanbul, under direct supervision of our renowned IVF professor, dr Cem Demirel. As Human First we offer all pre-treatment care and support, next to offering exclusive hotel packages. We provide a dedicated and professional support team to make the experience of IVF in Turkey more then just a medical matter, because it is a matter of the hearts desire to have a child. 

A complete treatment (IVF or ICSI) will take about 17 days. But if you are already familiar with the hormone stimulation phase, you may start hormonal stimulation from your home country and travel on day 7 of stimulation phase to Turkey, only needing to stay in Turkey for 10 days. Of course, on day 1 and day 5 of the stimulation phase you will need to arrange for a transvaginal ultrasound in your home town and the results will need to be send by email to Human First.