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Radio 1 program De Ochtenden made a report in February 2008 about IVF in Turkey and interviewed our patients before, during and after their trip to Istanbul for an IVF treatment. Human First explains in this report itself the advantages of an IVF treatment in Turkey. Listen to this informative and interesting report about IVF in Turkey via the following link:

Human First IVF on Radio1 Part 1

Human First IVF on Radio1 Part 2

Zorgtoerist doet ivf liever in Turkije, Volkskrant, 29 december 2007 (in Dutch)

IVF-behandeling in Turkije voelt als vakantie, NRC Handelsblad, 30 juli 2006 (in Dutch)

In Turkije bloeit het medisch toerisme, Zorgvisie, 8 augustus 2006 (in Dutch)