ICSI met Pre Implentation Genetic Screening (lente 2018)

My husband and I were trying to have kids for 14 years. Not ovulating (having PCOS), it was naturally difficult if not impossible for me to get pregnant on my own. I went through 7 IVF/ICSI cycles in the Netherlands at various hospitals in 12 years. I got pregnant 4 times but miscarried in the 6th week every time. Multiple tests were done to diagnose what was causing recurrent miscarriages but nothing was found. When I started fertility treatments I was 26 years old, now I had turned 38 and growing age was not making things easier for me. Being a scientist myself I knew that this could just not be by chance, that there was something wrong and it needed to be fixed.

My gynecologist in Rotterdam suggested that I should keep on doing ICSI cycles and that may be one day I would just get lucky. This was stupid, I was almost touching 40 and could not afford to keep on going through IVF/ICSI cycles and then having miscarriages. It was emotionally and physically draining and affected my work. One day at a friend’s party a discussion with another guest started, where she gave me an example of a friend of hers who had been through a similar situation and then how Human First helped her conceive her first child and that she was almost going to deliver. Having spent thousands of euros on IVF/ICSI treatments in the Netherlands and almost losing all hope for having a baby, I and my husband decided to give Human First a try. We contacted Human First and the next day I received a call asking for our situation. Within a month all papers were arranged that included return flight tickets to Turkey (Istanbul) for both of us, a 3 weeks stay in a luxurious hotel suite, chauffeur service and a translator guide who would help us with all the procedures during our stay in Turkey. It was as good as a vacation for us. After discussing my situation, the doctor in Turkey gave us a couple of options for the treatment that included having a normal IVF/ICSI cycle and a fresh embryo transfer or having an aggressive IVF/ICSI cycle with rigorous genetic testing of embryos though next generation sequencing. The latter option meant that a fresh embryo transfer would not be possible as genetic testing takes time and we would have to fly back to Turkey for a frozen embryo transfer. We chose option 2. After going through the aggressive ICSI cycle, 30 oocytes were collected of which 20 got fertilized. Of the 20, 10 reached the blastocyst stage and were biopsied for genetic screening. Results came back a couple of weeks later and 5/10 embryos were found to be genetically sound. Meanwhile, I was prepared for a frozen embryo transfer, we flew to Turkey once again for a day with all the same services as we had earlier. 2/5 embryos were transferred and we flew back the same day. 2 weeks later the pregnancy test came out positive but my anxiety continued as I had perviously miscarried 4 around 6 weeks. Then the time came and I had my first ultrasound with the midwife at 6 weeks. For the first time, we saw 2 tiny heartbeats, could not control my emotions and cried like a baby.

Unfortunately one did not survive. I am now 13 weeks pregnant with one and all seems fine at the moment. While anxiety will be there until the time I deliver a healthy baby, I regret the 12 years I have wasted in the hospitals in the Netherlands to have a baby. I wish I had known earlier that Human First exists. With friendly staff, excellent services, state-of-the art treatment and excellent doctors, I am extremely happy that I chose Human First and that I am finally seeing this happen to me: a small baby bump growing steadily.

...Zij is in januari 2019 bevallen van een prachtige zoon...